12 years of activity which is still alive and costant, 3 members (the guitarist Pete Bernhard, the upright bassist Lucia Turino and the guitarist/tenor banjo player Cooper McBean),7 released album, more than 81000 fans on their Facebook page: these are just some of the numbers that make them a great band.
I’m talking about The Devil Makes Three, and if you don’t know them yet – I’ve got to confess: if so, I’m incredibly sorry for you – don’t worry: I asked Pete some questions, you just have to read our interview.. then run to listen them! Go!

– Let’s start with the most trivial question of the world: how do you describe yourself and your music? It is quite difficult to frame you in a definite genre.

It is hard to frame our sound and our music and we like it that way. I think the best way to describe our music and our sound is to come out to our live show and decide for yourself. As a great man once said: “ The bottle we come in doesn’t have a label” (Editor’s note: Pete forgot to mention the source; but Centodecibel kows what’s what, so we reveal that he was Captain Beefheart).We do our best work outside of the frame, I think.

– I’ve seen your live performances (but, to my regret, only through the web… by the way, if you decide to make a visit to Rome I’ll be certainly there!): you seem well blended, there’s a perfect harmony between you. I’m sure your professional relationship started from a solid friendship. Tell us something about the genesis of the band.

We have all know each other since early childhood. Cooper and I met when we were just twelve years old, we met Lucia in high school. Our band was definitely built on a solid foundation of friendship and I think that any band has to be to remain together for the long hall. We draw all of our inspiration from the great singers and songwriters of folk, country and blues music with a little jazz thrown in there as well (can’t leave out Django). We hope our music will bring this great tradition forward and keep it alive. 

– You’re from California, but your fame has expanded year by year to other countries. Where are the foreign cities you love the more, the perfect places to play? And what about Europe?

We have only played shows in France thus far, this will be our first proper European tour so we look forward to all of the shows. Our shows in France were great, especially in southern France. Our ideal venue is a small theater where people can dance up front or sit in the back. Our favorite city to play in the USA is New Orleans. 

– Over your long career, you made lots of beatiful songs; is there one you prefer, one you’re fond of in a particular way? Why?

I love almost all the songs we have written but I wouldn’t say that I have one that I favor more. I always hope that the best song is yet to come, that it has yet to be written, and that we are always improving as musicians, songwriters and players. I think the best songs are ones that you never get sick of hearing or playing live.

– Our readers would be happy to know more about The Devil Makes Three. Tell us some you never said publicly before: something funny, a weird anectode, a little secret about the band…

We are all secretly members of the Illuminati and we control all world governments. We are tapping all the phones in the world  simultaneously in order to gather personal information about every human being on the planet. We will initiate full mind control of the entire planet after this tour is complete and release our robot cyclops army in order to purge the weak from the earth. 

Also secretly we all listen to a lot of Metal. 

–  Wow, this “illuminates” me! Who would have thought that you were… Metalheads?
Thanks for giving us our time. I like to end this interview with greetings to your italian fans: what would you say to people who follow you? And where they can see you soon?

Italian fans, we will be in Milan on this tour (we’ll be there, at Lo Fi, the 6 of June); we can’t wait to play for you and thank you for your support. Our new album “I’m A Stranger Here” will be released in Europe right before the tour starts and we hope to return to Italy as soon as we can. Come out and see us! 

Pete Bernhard and Tdm3 

italian version